Scheduled Water Interruption

Posted Date:       08/09/2019


Wednesday, August 14, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (8 hours)


Some areas served by Riverside Water Supply System, particularly, entire Biao Escuela and Matina Biao


Water supply has to be temporarily shut off in the affected areas to give way to the tapping of a newly installed pipeline to DCWD’s existing pipeline along Biao Escuela Road.


1) Benefit of the service improvement project: Accommodation of additional service connections.

2) The would-be affected customers are advised to store water in clean and covered containers at least two days before schedule.

3) Water supply may be restored earlier if work goes smoothly or later if unforeseen problems arise.

4) DCWD conducts line flushing after tapping works are completed. However, once water is restored, customers are advised to open all faucets and allow water to run for at least two minutes. Do not drink tap water immediately but if needed, boil water beforehand as safety precaution.

5) This information is disseminated through print and broadcast media, DCWD website (, official Facebook page ( and telephone voicemail 235-3293 (DCWD).

6) For queries, please contact DCWD’s 24-hour hotline 235-3293 and press “0” or call/text 0927-798-8966, 0908-441-0653, and 0925-511-3293.