History of GAD

History of GAD in DCWD

The Gender and Development (GAD) Program of the Davao City Water District started in 1996 as part of the Community Relations and External Affairs (CREA) program for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Back then, the focus of the DCWD GAD activities were more of an external of which the beneficiaries were the community that DCWD has been serving.

In year 2009, the District officially created a GAD Core Group. This is to give more concentration on the implementation of GAD not just in the community but also to the whole organization itself.

With this, the GAD External is under the supervision of the Community Relations Unit of CREA while the GAD Internal is under the supervision of the Human Resource Department as it concerns the District's human resource.

From its conception, the DCWD Gender and Development Program has been in existence for almost 20 years.

With the recent development, and the implementation of RA 9710 or the Magna Carta of WomenMCW) the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) through Memorandum Circular 2011-01 provides the Guidelines for the creation, strengthening, and institutionalization of the GAD Focal Point System in the offices. With this, a new and more organized GAD Organization Structure, Policy Statement and Framework was introduced and this was approved per Board Resolution No. 14-279.