Mt. Talomo-Lipadas Adopters

No. Adopter Hectare/s Year Started-EndedLocation
1RMC2001Brgy Daliaon Plantation, Toril
2LINDA RAMOS2002Brgy Daliaon Plantation, Toril
3SOROPTIMIST METRO DAVAO2002Brgy Tungkalan, Toril
4LANDBANK OF THE PHILS.12002-2007Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
5ALCANTARA & SONS12002-2007Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
6EMCOR22002-2007Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
7PNP12002-2007Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
8DEL MONTE FRESH PRODUCE22002-2007Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
9REDNET12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
10PATRIA MONTEMAYOR12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
11SOROPTIMIST INT'L OF DAVAO12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
12PURITA CALIZO12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
13TESORO'S PRINTING PRESS12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
14EDUARDO BANGAYAN12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
15DEV'T BANK OF THE PHILS.12002-2007Brgy, Daliaon Plantation, Toril
16DAVAO SOCIETY OF OB-GYNE12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
17FLIGHT OF THE EAGLES 112002-2007Brgy. Daliaon Plantation, Toril
17-1FLIGHT OF THE EAGLES 312008-2013Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
18ROTARY CLUB OF NORTH DAVAO12002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
19SAN MIGUEL FOUNDATION42002-2007Brgy. Tungkalan & Daliaon Plantation
20NCCC12003-2008Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
21DAVAO FRUITS CORPORATION22003-2008Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
22PSMID-BIOMEDIS12003-2008Brgy. Daliaon Plantation, Toril
23DAVCO22003-2008Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
24KIWANIS12003-2008Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
25GARDEN OASES & RESTAURANT22004-2009Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
26RODRIGO R. DUTERTE12004-2009Brgy. Daliaon Plantation, Toril
27DAVAO MEDICAL SOCIETY 112004-2009Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
27-1DAVAO MEDICAL SOCIETY 212009-2014Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
28PROCTER & GAMBLE PHILS. 22004-2009Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
29BROKENSHIRE IHMI 152005-2010Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
29-1BROKENSHIRE IHMI 252010-2015Brgy. Manuel Guinga, Tugbok
30HOLCIM PHILS.22005-2010Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
31HEDCOR42005-2010Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
32SONSHINE PHIL. MOVEMENT12006-2011Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
33AGDAO MPC 122007-2012Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
33-1AGDAO MPC 222009-2013Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
34TRISKELION ALUMNI ASSO.12008-2013Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
35PWWA22008-2013Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
36COCA COLA BOTTLERS PHILS.102008-2013Brgy Tungkalan & Manuel Guianga,Tugbokl
37ROTARY CLUB OF DAVAO 200022009-2014Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
38UNITED ARCHITECTS OF THE PHILIPPINESi12009-2014Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
39ARCHT. NESTOR & MA. CELINA TING12009-2014Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
40EARTHGRAIN INC./GOLDILOCKS12009-2014Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
41MAG TV NA, SADYA TA! 22010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
42PHIL. SOCIETY OF HEMATOLOGY12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
43SUNSTAR DAVAO12010-2015Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
44ARENA -REGION XI12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
45DCWD COOP12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
46COCA COLA PLANT EMPLOYEES COOP12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
47MOTORJOY INC. (MOTORTRADE)12010-2015Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
48KISAN LU LANDS INC.12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
49JOLLIBEE JTC, DAVAO12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
51MAGSIGE COOP 12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
52AGRICULTURIST MPC12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
53DAVAO DOCTORS COOPERATIVE12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
54PHIL. DIESEL CALIBERATION COOP 12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
55EL GRANDE MPC12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
56ASSISI DEV'T FOUNDATION INC.52010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
57DAVAO CITY COOPERATIVE COUNCIL12010-2015Brgy. Tungkalan, Toril
58DEPARTMENT OF TRADE & INDUSTRY12011-2016Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
59PHIL. PEDIATRIC SOCIETY12011-2016Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok
60DAR-PARU-PARCOM12011-2016Brgy. Daliaon Plantation, Toril

Total No. of hectares adopted: 100
Total No. of adopters: 60